Safecoms received Board of Investment privileges in 2005. 

SafeComs is a niche information security consulting and services firm, with branches in Cambridge (England), Sydney (Australia), and Bangkok (Thailand). SafeComs was awarded Best Startup Company of the year 2007 by the Belgian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Thailand. SafeComs was runner up for Best SME of the year 2008 with the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Thailand and won the 2009 Thailand ICT Award for best application software with the product Peppercan – Enterprise Management tool.

Organization History

SafeComs was founded in Sydney in 1999 by a small group of like-minded consultants. Initially, SafeComs’ focus was on leveraging technology (primarily gateway security devices) to improve the state of security at client sites.  SafeComs then developed a comprehensive range of services and consulting capabilities, ranging from highly technical (such as in depth testing of web application security) through to “people and process” oriented activities such as ISO 27002 auditing, tailor-made software applications, and compliance projects.

Following the successful growth in Australia, the Thailand and UK branches of SafeComs have been established to expand the company’s operational reach.

Organization Structure

Within SafeComs, a largely flat organizational structure is maintained.  The UK, Australian, and Thailand SafeComs’ divisions each have an executive team who holds overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the business, and for managing business development.  Each division has a wide base of security knowledge oriented on network infrastructure and web-based software applications, as well as special services and talents that are delivered to clients across all divisions.

This breadth and depth of knowledge enable us to deliver a wide range of quality services without a monolithic organizational structure.

Partnerships with software and hardware vendors

SafeComs has engaged reseller partnerships with the following software and hardware vendors:

  • Microsoft Certified Partner: SafeComs is a certified partner to resell Microsoft products.
  • Trend Micro Incorporated: a global leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. Its products are well positioned to protect its customers against an expanding range of threats that silently endanger business operations, personal information, and property. SafeComs uses Trend Micro’s antivirus product as part of the security solutions we offer to our clients. Over 1000 of our clients’ desktops and servers are secured with Trend Micro’s antivirus.
  • SonicWALL, Incorporated: a recognized global leader in the small and medium business markets which designs, develops, and manufactures network security, secure remote access, Web and e-mail security, continuous data protection, and policy and management solutions. SafeComs resells SonicWALL Firewalls as part of its network security and management control solutions.
  • Ingram Micro Incorporated: The world’s largest technology distributor. SafeComs resells Ingram Micro’s numerous hardware and software products from companies such as IBM, Cisco, Adobe, AutoCAD, Lynksys, APC, Intel, and Dell.
  • ScriptLogic Corporation: a leader in network administration software for Microsoft Windows-based networks. ScriptLogic solutions virtually eliminate administration errors, shrink overhead and manage system updates faster and more efficiently – improving enterprise productivity and freeing scarce IT resources to be applied to more business-critical tasks. SafeComs resells ScriptLogic’s  Desktop Authority, a powerful desktop management solution.
  • Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd: a global provider of spam filtering solutions. SafeComs resells Netcore’s Emergic CleanMail; a ‘Managed Email Security Service’, which protects Email infrastructure by operating at the Internet level by perishing ‘ threat of disruption’. ECM filters all messages in seconds before Email delivery to your network. Over 1000 of our clients’ mailboxes are protected by Netcore’s spam filtering solution.

SafeComs Services Portfolio

SafeComs engineers spend an enormous amount of time researching and designing computer security solutions in our research center in Thailand to ensure that customers will benefit from our best security systems at a price they can afford. We watch all the new trends in Security and attend the most important exhibitions in the world.

We also focus on ease of use to guarantee a smooth operation without requiring intensive training for clients’ staff. Every computer security systems that we design for their security is developed with the user in mind and we always guarantee immediate results without any painful learning curve.

To make our solutions affordable, we build everything on open source software from the ground up. We adapt open source software to fit clients’ organization and give them the flexibility and security matching proprietary computer systems security. There is no trade-off in our solutions, but the best security with the exact features you need.

When a customer purchases from SafeComs Thailand a Computer Systems Security Solution, not only do they get quality hardware and tailored affordable software, but they also benefit from our complete friendly support team of Internet security experts to support their organization with competence and determination to help them get the best out of our Computer Systems Security Solutions.

SafeComs is constantly researching new ideas and developing new models to make our customers’ lives easier and their company and systems safer. The Internet and Network Security is our charter and we want to constantly improve and expand our Security offering.

SafeComs is a Board of Investment accredited Company.

As a Board of Investment Thailand accredited company we have developed the following array of services and solutions:

1. Computer system security solutions 

  • SafeBox – a fully outsourced, secured, automated online off-site data backup service for servers and computers.
  • SafeNet – a service to remove spam, viruses, worms, and hackers before they get to your systems and to monitor your web and Internet traffic.
  • SafeDesk – a remotely managed Desktop Support solution to proactively prevent desktops experiencing downtime
  • SafeServ – a remotely managed Server Support solution to proactively prevent servers experiencing downtime and system failure
  • Anti-Spam – a managed spam filtering solution that intercepts spam email at the internet level before it reaches the customer’s network
  • Anti-Virus – a managed systematic and ongoing desktop and server protection against the latest malicious viruses, worms, Trojan horse programs, and spyware.

2. Consulting Services

  • Information Security Audit – an audit service following ISO 27002 security guidelines giving clients a professional, expert evaluation on the computer and network security systems. It also rates the adequacy of the controls in their information systems and related operations to ensure their IT systems are reliable and cost effective.
  • Software Compliance Audit – an audit service to check to what extent clients are compliant with legal software usage regulations.
  • Network Design Service – SafeComs designs and installs secure, dependable communications networks designed for performance that makes use of the latest technologies. Our network consultants support with network design, network audit and network upgrades, internet connectivity troubleshooting and setup, and network best practices management projects.
  • Project Management & Consulting – Our Project Managers and consultants leverage best industry practices to deliver projects on time and on budget to our customers.
  • IT Outsourcing – All solutions and services mentioned above are part of the IT outsourcing services we provide to our clients. With our remote and on-site support, we provide clients a peace of mind as they can focus on their core business and we take care of their IT needs.

3. Peppercan – Enterprise Management Tool

A professional suite of enterprise management tools for small to medium sized business with a focus on ease of use and short implementation time. It features applications covering contact management, sales force automation, document handling, comprehensive project management and collaboration, e-marketing, quoting, web expense, work-flow management, asset tracking and complete integration with major accounting packages such as MYOB, Quickbooks etc. Peppercan has recently won the prestigious Thailand ICT Award 2009 and will compete for the Asia Pacific ICT Award later this year in Australia.

4. Customized software applications

SafeComs has a dedicated team of experts who specialize in customized software development in Thailand that supports critical activities for any business. Our software is web-based and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection through the browser, including PDAs and devices like the iPhone. There is no requirement to purchase hardware or software licenses. The services are totally outsourced, everything is offered on a rental basis and we take care of the management of the software, the servers supporting the application and all data backup.

For diverse clients we have developed the following applications:
– Quoting system
– Web Expense system
– Publication and advertising management system
– Bangkok Networking Calendar
– Food by Phone: a new concept for ordering over the phone & on the Web.

5. Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SafeComs has a dedicated division that constructs professional looking websites using a Content Management System (CMS) method. Moreover, by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques we get clients’ websites on top of Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

SafeComs’ Customer Base

SafeComs has a current base of around 100 clients, of whom 50 have a monthly service contract with us. Foreign multinationals account for 90% of our client base, which we support in various countries. Below lists a selection of our monthly IT outsourcing clients and Appendix I has a selected list of clients with one of our other services

1. Regional Offshore Manufacturer Ltd.

Complete IT outsourcing for 3 country locations (Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia) including the following services:

– Desktop Management (SafeDesk), 120 desktops

– Server Management (SafeServ), 10 servers

– Network Monitoring (SafeNet), 4 network firewalls

– Maintain Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

– IT Project Management & Consulting

– Vendors management of corporate approved suppliers

– Provide weekly debriefing on IT projects to management

– Provide monthly reporting on service provided, issues solved and issues pending

2. International Architect Firm

Complete IT outsourcing, including the following services:

– Desktop Management (SafeDesk), 100 desktops

– Server Management (SafeServ), 3 servers

– Network Monitoring (SafeNet)

– Online Data Backup (SafeBox)

– Anti-Spam

– Anti-Virus

– Network Design

– IT Project Management & Consulting

– Information Security Audit

– Provide weekly debriefing on IT projects to management

– Provide monthly reporting on service provided, issues solved and issues pending

3. Asia Magnetic Winding Co.

Complete IT outsourcing, including the following services:

– Desktop Management (SafeDesk), 120 desktops

– Server Management (SafeServ), 3 servers

– Network Monitoring (SafeNet)

– Provide monthly reporting on service provided, issues solved and issues pending

4. Large Energy group – Asia & Middle East Co., Ltd.

Internet Gateway security and Intrusion Prevention services:

– Network Security Monitoring (SafeNet) – 2 networks Bangkok & Dubai

– Provide monthly reporting on service provided, issues solved and issues pending

5. Baker Tilly Thailand

Complete IT outsourcing for 2 office locations, including the following services:

– Desktop Management (SafeDesk), 50 desktops each location

– Server Management, 2 servers

– Network Security Monitoring (SafeNet), 2 networks

– Online Data Backup (SafeBox)

– Anti-Spam

– Provide monthly reporting on service provided, issues solved and issues pending

6. Delegation of the European Commission to Thailand

Full-time onsite engineers, performing the following services:

– Desktop Management (SafeDesk), 70 desktops

– Server Management (4 servers)

– Network Security Monitoring (SafeNet)

– Antivirus solution

– Provide monthly reporting on service provided, issues solved and issues pending

7. Golden Foods Siam Limited

Consulting services and Project Management for IT restructuring

– Desktop migration, 400 desktops

– Server Management (36 servers)

– Network re-design (10 network segments)

– Quality Assurance

– Provide monthly reporting on service provided, issues solved and issues pending