Use legal software.

Avoid hefty fines in case of control by the BSA

Don’t affect your company finance and reputation….

You are using an illegal copy of Adobe Professional to read your PDFs? Or a copy of Microsoft office?? Then you should be concerned, because you’re setting yourself up for a potential liability and huge financial disaster from the BSA (Business Software Alliance) in a case of a Raid.

In a country where copyright tends to blend easily with right to copy, we have taken a serious challenge in educating companies on the value and reason for legalizing their software usage. In the past years, we have helped over 22 large organizations detect the use of fraudulent software in their company, and worked closely with the BSA to obtain a moratorium guaranteeing a period of 3 to 6 months without any risks of raid, giving them enough time to become legal. We are the only company offering and supporting this service in Thailand and we are recognized as advocate for legal software by the BSA themselves.

Every day, local companies are raided by law enforcement officials whose sole intent is to find pirated software. Those caught are forced to buy original versions for every single computer in their office and are also hit with a heavy penalty. This amount could exceed a few million baht. You have to ask yourself “If I received such a fine, could I even afford to stay in business?” If the answer is no, then why even take the risk?

These raids happen because the Business Software Alliance (BSA) gives huge rewards (250,000 baht) to people who report companies using illegal software. Every business owner has a disgruntled former employee or some rival who are candidates to contact the BSA, turn them in and collect their reward. That’s the reason why any company is exposed, no matter its size or activity.

Regularly, The Bangkok Post reports companies getting raided for using illegal software.


  • We perform an audit to see if you are using illegal software or useless software
  • We advise the needed legal software tailored to their needs.
  • Negotiation Memorandum with the BSA, so that the company have time to legalize the software before ‘getting caught’


  • Peace of mind:
    • sleep well at night, there is no risk to get caught by the BSA
    • no worries about using illegal software or not, we take care of that
  • Save money: we advise to use open source software.
    • Why buying expensive licensed software if you can get them as open source?
  • Be more productive: using illegal software are more likely to fail or malfunction
    • This in turn can make a mess of your computers and render the valuable information they contain useless
  • Be secure: illegal software is also one of the main sources for computer viruses that can lead to all sorts of other problems for a company

Safecoms regularly speaks at conferences promoting Intellectual property rights, we advise companies on the benefits of using legal software and we help in the process of becoming fully legal without any risks. SafeComs is accredited to audit your systems and give you a certificate of good standing for legal software. This certificate is delivered under the SAM advantage program of the BSA and will be recognised by your clients and suppliers overseas in the fair competition program.

Bernard Collin also publishes paper on the risks associated with using illegal software, you can download a PDF here.

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